Nowadays every modern business relies on IT in one way or another. We offer courses both for absolute beginners and advanced students. Our classes include training in Windows, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Internet and Email. All our courses are either held by Andrew Chowa, an experienced local IT trainer, or austrian volunteers with training in IT and networking.

The objective of the basic course is to give students a first feeling of how to use a computer. You will explore how to properly use the mouse and keyboard, and also start a first tour through windows. Afterwards we are having a look at Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint, where the main emphasis is put on Word, a powerful text processing program. Managing files and folders is also being taught in this course.

If you want to know when the next basic course is starting, contact us on facebook or phone.

The advanced course concentrates not only on further improving Microsoft Office skills, but also the hardware of a computer and further features of windows. You will learn how to print, how to use flash drives and install programs. Still, the main perspective of this course will be the use of the internet. Nowadays many businesses would simply not work if it wasn’t for the internet. Writing emails, using search engines, share files, and learning how to make use of the many other possibilities of the internet is one of the main parts of this course.

If you want to know when the next advanced course is starting, contact us on facebook or phone.

Registration for both courses can be made online under Registration or via phone. Before enrolment a down payment of 10% of the course fee is to be effected.